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Faststart Prelicense Education Program

Get more for less and work with the best!

Don Runge, the Lead Guru, is proud to offer aspiring insurance agents a complete preparation package
at an all-time low price.

With the Faststart Education Program, students receive not only premium, online Life & Health
Exam prep but also lead training preparation via the "Don Runge Live!" 5hr CDs or DVDs

2 for the price of 1… A value that cannot be beat!

What's more graduates can purchase an e- voucher for 6 different LTC or
annuity state approved courses for only $6 More!

*Some states may charge an additional reporting fee

Getting Started Is Easy

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FastStart Special

Faststart is available nationwide except for Arkansas, Illinois, and Nevada.

After becoming licensed in your state, additional education requirements are needed to maintain your license and in some states to expand your product offerings for annuities and long term care. The Faststart program students may periodically receive additional discounts on CE courses for their ongoing license renewals courtesy of WebCE®.
Likewise, DMR Marketing will offer The Advanced APPROACH CD available at a discount price too!

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