Today’s prospecting environment has changed with the advent of the “Do Not Call List” and HIPPA just to name a few. Prospecting (working leads) has become a way of survival for all agents. But working leads, due to the rising cost and changing sales/marketing environment, means that every salesperson must become even more skilled at converting more leads into appointments.

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This is where Don Runge, the Lead Guru with his industry-validated prospecting approach can help. It’s the missing link in the sales process: getting in more often. THE APPROACH, featured on the Don Runge Live! audios and videos is an 8-step system that trains sales professionals on how increase lead to appointment rations and to Get Out and Get In more households than ever before. Neophytes and seasoned veterans alike benefit from this easy, no frills process.

The “Don Runge Live!” videos and audios are the next best thing to having Don live. This 5-½ hour presentation features Don Runge live at a seminar session and is chock full of information and street-wise ideas you can use today!

You’ll Learn How To:
• Work any type of lead
• Develop a confident lead attitude
• Turn a lead into a lead
• Control appointment objections
• Pre-schedule 15+ appointments each week.


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